a home away from home

New York City has a different vibe to it than most cities. Being in a place like New York, with over 8 million people, has a sense of freedom and individuality to it. It felt invigorating to be part of an enormous city where there is large amounts of life, excitement, and energy. There are people from all walks of life and from all over the world in NYC so there is a sense of connection there that I haven’t felt anywhere else. There is also a sense of aspiration and confidence in New York City unlike many other cities. People there are focused; focused on what they’re doing, where they’re going, and what they’re going to do next. For the most part, people didn’t pay much attention to me which made me feel free and allowed me to be authentic. In New York, I didn’t feel like I had to fit in to strict social norms and felt like I could be my genuine self. I am a more reserved and quiet person by nature, but have unique views and ideas that can be unusual to some people so the diversity in NYC was just what I was looking for.

The high energy, ambition, and focus in New York is hard to beat which is probably why it is called the City That Never Sleeps. There are always people around and always things to do and see. Not only would I go back and visit NYC, I would consider living there. Ever since my visit I frequently think about what my life would be like living there with all the excitement and entertainment. Maybe it is a place that I move to for a few years or maybe it’s just a place for me to visit. Either way, there is something intriguing about New York City that I am drawn to more than most cities. There are many people living in NYC that are motivated to succeed in their careers and are striving to accomplish impressive life goals. I don’t get that vibe living in St. Louis. Of course there are successful and accomplished people in St. Louis, but it is nowhere near as impressive as New York. Being a St. Louis native, I feel like I have to stay loyal to my home city, but I also know there is more to life than living in St. Louis and visiting New York City allowed me to experience what life would be like living away from my hometown. It actually made me question what home is. Is home where you lived during childhood or is home where you currently reside? Is home where your family lives or is home simply a place you can safely rest your head at night next to someone you love? I suspect I would receive many different answers to that question depending on who I ask.

Although my family lives in St. Louis, I don’t feel like I’m at home living here. Almost daily I feel and know there is something better out there for me and visiting New York City helped me realize this. Sooner or later I’ll find my home. 

One thought on “a home away from home

  1. You described NYC perfectly! As usual, your writings bring the emotional undertones of the destination to life. Always have such a great time visiting the capital of the world!

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