Aruba – One Happy Island

Aruba is an island in the Southern Caribbean Sea just miles off the coast of Venezuela. Although far from Europe, Aruba is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The official language spoken in Aruba is Papiamento and Dutch, but most people from Aruba also speak either (or both) English and Spanish. Aruba is a popular vacation destination for those who enjoy perfect weather, clear skies, white sand beaches, and turquoise water. This island is also a frequent cruise ship stop and has many all-inclusive resorts for those who enjoy relaxing getaways. Here are my thoughts from visiting Aruba!

  • Weather – Aruba is a year-round vacation destination in which you can almost guarantee excellent weather. The yearly average temperature in Aruba is in the low 80’s and is known for having more sunny days than any other island. Also, Aruba is located outside the hurricane belt and it only rains about 15 inches per year. Another unique aspect about Aruba is that there is a constant breeze from trade winds which blow from the Northeast and East about 95% of the time. The breeze will certainly cool you off while you’re enjoying the beach! The temperature in Aruba is so consistent that it usually only fluctuates about 3-5 degrees from day to night. Basically Aruba has great weather no matter the time of year or time of day! 
  • Beach and Ocean – The resort I stayed at was on the Oranjestad Beach which was absolutely stunning! The beach was spotless and the ocean water was sparkling, clear, and turquoise in color. I was surprised to find out that Aruba is not part of the Blue Flag International Foundation for Environmental Education program which promotes environmental education to protect the ecosystem. Nevertheless, the beach and the ocean were clean and the resort I stayed at was so eco-friendly that they didn’t even provide plastic straws to their guests. The resort also provided all guests with a reusable water bottle to decrease the use of plastic. One undesirable part of Oranjestad Beach was that it was rather rocky getting into the ocean which made it difficult to walk on the seafloor. Luckily, it was mostly only rocky walking into the water and got less rocky the deeper you got. Compared to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic (another Caribbean Island), Oranjestad in Aruba was way more rocky and the water was not as warm as it was in Punta Cana (probably due to the trade winds in Aruba because the average sea temperature is about 81-84 degrees year-round). Besides that, the beach and the ocean were extraordinary! 
  • Day Excursion – To do something more exciting off the resort, I decided to explore the desert island by going on an ATV tour which was probably the most thrilling part of the trip. The group and I each drove an ATV throughout the desert in Aruba and stopped at smaller beaches, the Natural Pool, and a cave which we actually jumped in (I knew I should have gotten the rabies vaccine). I would recommend going on a day excursion if you are looking for something more stimulating than lying on the beach or swimming in the ocean. 
  • Reptiles and Plants – There were huge lizards and/or iguanas roaming throughout Aruba. Seeing these reptiles made me nervous at first, but after a couple days they didn’t bother me at all. Aruba also has many succulent and cacti plants including aloe vera. Fortunately, there is plenty of aloe to go around if you do get a sunburn!
  • Resort – Divi Aruba was the enjoyable resort I stayed at. The attractive part about Divi was that there were two other walkable resorts that were accessible with the resort entry bracelet that you had to wear throughout your stay. This was convenient because there were different restaurants from three nearby resorts which you could choose from. You do have to make daily reservations if you want to eat at a certain restaurant which can be made at the front desk. If you choose not to make reservations, there is a daily buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with good food as well. This resort could have improved the quality of their drinks, but there was at least nightly entertainment which was amusing.

Overall, I would recommend Aruba to anyone who wants to have a tranquil vacation with lovey weather. It is very windy in Aruba so be prepared to embrace the wind if you have long hair. What makes Aruba a gorgeous vacation spot are the beaches, ocean, and weather. I had a fantastic time in Aruba and would definitely go back to this beautiful and sunny island!

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