Top 5 reasons to visit Ireland!

From the moment I landed in Dublin, I knew I was going to enjoy my trip to Ireland. The beautiful natural green scenery is spectacular and is one of the reasons this country is incredible. I visited Ireland in April 2018 and the weather was pleasant (not too hot or too cold) and there was luckily not much rain either. I flew into Dublin then travel throughout Ireland then to Northern Ireland (I’ll save my thoughts on Northern Ireland in another post). Since I enjoyed Ireland so much, I created a list of 5 reasons I fell in love with this country.

  • Hore Abbey: a ruined Cistercian Monastery near the Rock of Cashel established in 1270. Hore Abbey was enjoyable due to the ancient history and sense of mystery. Walking around and touring Hore Abbey felt magical.
  • The Brazen Head: Ireland’s “oldest pub” founded in 1198. There was live music, good drinks, and excellent fish & chips. It was also fun walking around the Temple Bar area in Dublin and there are plenty of pubs with live music and dancing. Dublin offers a great night out!
  • The Cliffs of Moher: these naturally beautiful sea cliffs overlook the Atlantic Ocean and offer amazing views (and great photo opportunities). The Cliffs of Moher is very windy and the temperature drops tremendously while overlooking the ocean, so I would recommend adding an additional layer when visiting. Definitely a must see!

  • Kilkenny Castle: this castle was built in 1195 in the medieval Kilkenny City which was a cute little city to visit with many historic yet modern areas. Kilkenny Castle was well-kept with incredible architecture. You have to see at least one castle while visiting Ireland and I was pleased with this one!
  • Driving around: Ireland has so much natural beauty that I really enjoyed driving from place to place. There were numerous sheep and cows roaming in the vibrant green grass which was very relaxing for me. I thoroughly enjoyed just driving around and seeing the scenery. You can also make frequent stops if something really catches your eye. Just remember that in Ireland you drive on the left side of the road and the driver’s side is on the right hand side of the car. Luckily, my boyfriend was driving because it takes some time to get used to and the roads are rather narrow in comparison to most roads I have driven on in the U.S.

Overall, I loved Ireland! There are many more places to visit in Ireland that I didn’t get to see this trip, but I do plan to visit again. I am thankful I had the opportunity to travel to Ireland and enjoyed everything from its natural beauty to the friendly people. Ireland should definitely be on your list of places to travel to! 

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